Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bday BBQ

Saturday afternoon I headed over to see my old friends and now married couple Joe and Shasta. We used to all work together and Radio Disney and they began dating and now...years later are a happy married couple living in El Segundo!

It was been a couple of years since I have seen them. Life just keeps you busy..and you know you are with good friends when you dont have to see each other and when you do it just seems like we were together yesterday. I really enjoy that about these guys...they are so cool and so perfect for each other. It was great to see them.

Shasta is pretty much "martha stewart" she can cook and bake and design and she just does it all. Even make SPRINKLES cupcakes at home!

Home made "Sprinkles" cupcakes

here are the ribs...mmmm mmm good. The dry rub was deelish!


later in the afternoon we looked up and saw this...awww...

Heart in the sky

heart in the sky just for Joe!

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