Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wall Walks - A Turning Point

This morning I went to my usual workout at the gym.  We like to call it a "bootleg crossfit" class as we definitely employ CF exercises but to be technical it is not a true CF class.  In any event, it is a killer workout and you feel great is what we did:

WOD = Work Out of the Day 5/14
15 Burpees
10 Goblet Squats (using a 35lb dumbell)
5 wall walks
5 rounds of the above. I have to scale it down and did only 3. No way I can do the amount of time to not slow down the whole class.


3 push ups, explode into squat jumps across the room, back and forth. 3 rounds of this.

So where was this awesome turning point? WALL WALKS.

I have been learning/practicing/performing wall walks for maybe the past 2 months. TODAY...was the day. I did my wall walks with such explosiveness and clean that the instructor noticed and even a fellow classmate noticed too.  I FELT IT. I actually FELT the difference.  I don't know how to explain it...and I guess only people that work out will know what I mean.  When your body surprises it self.  When you do a seemingly HARD exercise that you have been struggling with suddenly is "easy."  Now WW are not easy for me by any stretch...but today I did them with explosive quickness and clean. I was able to do about 3 unbroken.  But those were a clean 3 with quickness.

It just felt great.

So...what does this all mean? This is a TANGIBLE difference in my physical ability. It is a super big improvement.  An improvement that NO ONE else will see or notice.  When I walk down the street and see friends will anyone know that I have improved?  No I look the same, I talk the same, I may even look "fatter."  What am I supposed to do?  Tell everyone I know to see me do a wall walk?  I guess in the end you just have to keep doing what YOU can.  Not care what anyone else thinks right?  It is a personal achievement.  Something for me.

Side note...this last week I also surprised myself with my bench. 225lbs (2 plates) I repped it 10xs then did it again for 8. I probably could do the 10 with a spot.  REPPING 225 for 10? Come on..that is good! That is great!

I guess no more blowing my own horn...I am just very proud. I am very happy. I feel good today.

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