Sunday, May 22, 2011

Personal Best - Bench Press Reps

This Saturday at the gym was pretty typical. Had a nice workout...what we call the "bootleg crossfit" because it is not the real deal.  But it is in a crossfit style.  Anyways...we had a good go.  1 hour 830AM-930AM of just killing it.  I think our working set went something like this:

5 burpees
10 squat thrusts
15 sit ups - straight leg touch your a bunch more.  But the highlight for me was the after.  I walked out and a couple friends were at the bench.

I walked over...chatted it up. Figured I would give it a go. I was pretty warmed up so no danger of pulling anything...

Ever heard of the NFL COMBINE?  Check here...

Click to see the work out videos as they explain why and what they are looking for.  The test for the bench press.  225lbs as many reps as possible.  Average is low to mid 20s. This year at the 2011..a new record was set:

Forty friggin nine  BEAST. the gym this morning I got 15 reps.  I think with a spot I could of got 20. Who goal is 21 which I think is the bare minimum for the combine. 21...reps.  I got 15.

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