Sunday, April 3, 2011


As some of my friends and loyal readers of this blog may know, I am reading Tim Ferriss' THE 4 HOUR BODY which is EXCELLENT.  I finished it this evening and in his ending thoughts he talked about TRANSFER....

Now this book is not meant to be read cover to cover. It is designed to be read like a manual, pick and choose what you and what applies to you and read those chapters.  I read about 90% of it...skipping only parts that have nothing to do with or interest me. I skipped a chapter about running marathons and swimming for example.  But everything else I pretty much read...the whole last 50-60 pages is all extra I have to read that too.


I will try to generalize what he says in the book and simplify it to make sense to ME..and you.

In the grand scheme of LIFE..what good is lifting 300lbs? Running a mile in 4 mins or climbing the largest mountain in the US? Who cares right? One word...TRANSFER.

All these seemingly inane tasks/goals by itself and in a vacuum are kind of meaningless and useless...but if you think about the ripple effect..the transfer it is soooo much more valuable.  It is in these goals...or tasks that can have the greatest effect in your life.  Here is an example....

So the past couple weeks at work have been pretty hectic.  So much work and stress and just feeling burned out etc.  I am sure everyone feels like that...but yeah the last few weeks have been just draining and crazy not just for me but for my whole team, boss, colleagues everyone.  It is very easy to feel like crap and everything sucks.  But this the gym I deadlifted 305lbs.  A personal best. Now the week dont suck so bad. I FEEL GREAT I lifted that much. I feel sooo strong, so invincible.  Then immediately I went out to meet some friends and had another AWESOME thing happen to me. Something I was sooo honored that I was floored.  I will blog about it once I am allowed to...hahaha right now it is embargoed until I get the OK to speak about it.  So is is not so alone within the last 8 hours of this Sunday...I had 2 extremely great things happen to me.  TRANSFER.

from the book
"Your body is almost always within your control.  This is rare in life, perhaps unique.  Simply focusing on some measurable element of your physical nature can prevent you from becoming a "Dow Joneser." Someone whose self worth is dependent on things largely outside of their control. 

Job not going well? Company having issues? Some idiot making life difficult? If you add ten laps to your swimming, or if you cut five seconds off your best mile run time, it can still be a great week.

Controlling your body puts you in life's driver's seat."

Two of my new years resolutions were to 1. BENCH 315 and  2. 10 Pull ups w/ a kip. The bench is getting there....very close in fact.  The pull ups seem far away but...when these IMPOSSIBLE things are done..other IMPOSSIBLE things seem possible.  1 year ago...NO WAY I can bench my own body weight. Now I can bench more than. I remember being in a class at the gym and could not hold a PLANK for 10sec. TEN SECONDS! Could not do 1 min....2 mins.....if I am fresh I can go longer maybe.  10 push ups..was a task I can give you 40+ in one minute. IMPOSSIBLE becomes POSSIBLE.  This makes you better. Makes ME BETTER.

Sometimes you see or hear or read something that speaks to you...just to you.  These few last paragraphs in Tim's book really spoke to me. I am taking this to heart.  I have already begun measuring ME...and it does make everything better...even if just a little.

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