Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not sure I would trust it.....

After eating way too much this evening, we decided to walk the long way back to the car....I saw this parked on the street.

Zongshen 250

Zongshen 250

Zongshen Bike

Now anyone that knows me, know I have plenty of ethnic pride. I love being American Chinese and I love to be fobby sometimes. I am not a sports guy at all the only sports stuff I own is a NY Rangers Sunday Jersey so I can be cool, A Jordan jersey and a BUNCH OF TEAM CHINA gear. I have basketball jerseys, a Team China baseball jersey, a fitted cap, shoes (of course), a track jacket etc. I LOVE being Chinese and China pride all day. BUT...

I am not sure I would ride one of these around town. Makes me kinda nervous. I remember seeing this brand when I was actually in China. Zongshen is one the biggest companies in China. Weird to see it parked in DTLA, I guess they are available here.

Maybe I will look around for a dealership and see how much one of these 250s cost. I can ride one of these rocking a China team jersey with my team China hyperdunks and be a super Chinaman!

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