Friday, April 29, 2011

Goodbye HKS US!5796802/aftermarket-pioneer-hks-usa-closing-its-doors

End of an era....HKS US closing its doors and all operations will now be out of Japan only. For guys my age, HKS is just part of car tuning.  Whether or not you had any parts, it was just part of your life.  As my days of a punk street racer, I never had any HKS parts as I was a Mazda Rotary guy so I never had anything from them.  But all my friends, from Civics to Integras to Supras all had HKS stuff.  It was literally woven into the scene.  Really sad to see them close its doors here in the US.

All parts now will come only from Japan, I wonder how this will effect costs to new/current customers.

Def will be missed.

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