Sunday, April 10, 2011

FAST FIVE - Rock, Vin and a Chinese Dude

OK...I know I know..the Fast and The retarded. It is basically car porn with driving and hot chicks. That is enough to love it. Please dont get into any debate about high art etc. You go see this knowing exactly what you are going to get. PERIOD. DUMB FUN. Sometimes that is what you need and want.

I have 2 reasons to see this movie...

#1 - THE ROCK vs VIN DIESEL...nuff said.

#2 - Directed by Justin Lin. SUPPORT MY CHINESE BROTHER!!! I mean come many ABC directors out there? All the Asian directors are not from here. Ang Lee, John Woo and they are bad ass..and they need support too...but JUSTIN LIN is a like a local dude. So YES I will go see this movie.

Yahoo just posted these feaurettes on the movie...enjoy.

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