Saturday, March 26, 2011

Newport Tan Seafood - San Gabriel, CA

WOW.  That is all I can say.  This evening, I had dinner with my boy Steven who is in town from TX for a few days, his fiance/wifey Grace and his friend (whose name escapes me right now). We were originally going to hit up this Vietnamese Pho place but since it is Friday, he could not have meat so we came here.

Now I have heard great things about this place and never had a chance to come here...and he did not ever try this place either so it was a great 1st time for everyone.

 these are the clams...and I am not a big fan of clams, but these are the bomb....
 Nice and spicy!
 Beef.....standard Chinese fare..but it was way tasty and fresh.

 Have to have your veggies right?  Look at the garlic.... now is the star of our show...the MED aint ready for this....

The CLAW!!!

 The other claw...MASSIVE!
 What the meat looks like when you yank it out of there....
Man this place was great. Super busy and crowded but dare I saw worth it? was awesome.  Price is maybe a tad higher than other Chinese seafood places but the quality is all there. Super fresh in taste and color and quality/  Def have to come back here....excellent dinner tonight. Excellent.

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