Saturday, March 19, 2011

...and the celebration keeps going

Tonight I was able to celebrate with my "pigjam" pals with a cool little gold line adventure into old town Pasadena.

We all met at my place then jumped on the train headed towards Pasadena for our 7pm dinner at Mi Piace.  Good stuff....

 This is the sesame crusted was good.

Meat lasagna...

Chicken and Seafood Salad.

 Happy Birthday...woot woot.  Awesome when it is for you!
 Bread pudding with vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Soup

After Mi Piace I wanted to take my friends to Intelligentsia....for some coffee.  This time I got the latte...

good ass coffee...nuff said.

What is a birthday without presents?  My friends know they should and I love them for it.

THANK YOU TO PAUL, MYLS and ANNIE for my awesome presents!!!!

From Paul and Myls

 They got me a GORILLA GRIP!!!  YAY!  How great is this present?  So cool!

and from perfect. I cannot wait to go online and order some stuff!  I am in need of some soup and stuff!  PERFECT!!!!

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