Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All Men Are Cheaters - guilty

This post is dedicated to my corporate lover of many years.  I have loved her, cared for her, spent early morning and late nights longing for her and spending all my hard earned money on her.  But this evening, I am making room for another in my life.  It has come to this..that I dare dabble outside of my relationship.  I guess it could not last forever right? Sooner or later one of us was going to move outside the relationship to fulfill our needs. 

I am sorry my love....I am going to try something else.

I am sorry NIKE my dearest of everything I love. NIKE, NIKE AIR, NIKE AIR MAX...I can go on and on.  Tonight I received my new pair of INOV-8 F-Lite 220PK shoes.

Check em out at the website above in the pic.

Pretty much it is known I am SUPER DIE HARD BRAND LOYAL to the swoosh.  Most days at the gym, I seriously look like a Nike ad, I am in Nike gear head to toe.  I, socks, shorts and shirt.  All SWOOSH. I NEVER deviate shoewise...until this evening.

I have been wearing a pair of Nike Air Max 2010s for the gym and they have been OK..but not great.  I usually wear a Nike runner called the EQUALON+4 running shoe.  It is a stability shoe for heavy pronators like me. I have really bad feet.  Flat and weak arches etc etc.  Just bad.  I have $300 orthodics in my gym shoes.

As readers of my blog, you will know that I dabble in some Crossfit exercises once in awhile at the gym.  It appears INOV-8 is the hot shit right now.  Basically a CRAZE in Crossfits gyms across the country.  Trail runners, urban runners, crossfits and others are swearing by these shoes.  INOV-8 is basically a "Free" running shoe.  It makes it feel like you are running barefoot.  Go ahead and google why that is good for you. I dont have time to get into here...but the shoes are feather light, have little thin soles so you can feel the ground and your foot gets to work and get stronger on its own. 

Here are my INOV-8 F Lite 220PK

One of my colleagues at work who is an avid crossfit participant had these on last week. She told me they were all the rage at her gym.  I glanced down and thought ok cool...never heard of them.  The looked like New Balance or some other "off brand" that was NOT NIKE.  So I did not care too much.  Then I noticed one of the trainers at my gym had on these shoes that looked strangely similar.  He had these for at least a couple of months.  I never thought about it until it hit me, hey these are the same shoes.  So I asked him....the rest is history.  I picked up a pair on Zappos..which is AWESOME by the way and they came in today.  I will try these out on Thursday when I go in to lift and kickbox.  Nike..I still love you and will NEVER leave you 100% but I had to try these out.

INOV-8...these sell out very quick too....again these are still a little "underground" right now, the masses dont know about them it is a great time for me to rock these...because yes being an "elitist" is hard work!  Once these hit QVC or you can grab them at the mall?  Time to move on! LOL!  Kidding...who knows if these help my foot pain and make my feet stronger and help performance working out...I may have to get another pair.  We shall see.

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