Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I heart Kiehl's

Thank you to Annie!  This was a Bday present...GC to Kiehl's.  Well, I could not wait to go shopping!  I needed some new soap and stuff it was PERFECT!

Here is my haul....

Kiehl's haul

The goodies...these are the free samples.  I am going to consider the Facial Fuel cleanser....

Kiehl's samples

This is the product I am most looking forward to trying out.  I read about this on another blog and this was the perfect opp to try it. This is the Kiehl's deodorant cream.

Kiehl's Deodorant Cream

 This is the regular body wash....Grapefruit!

Kiehl's Grapefuit Bath & Shower Body Cleanser

This is the molding paste I used to use.  Lately, I have been using Bumble and Bumble grooming creme and the Sumo Tech paste.  That stuff is EXCELLENT.  But...the Kiehl's past is also very very good.  Figured I can save this and I wont need hair product for a while now.

Kiehl's Malleable Molding Paste

Thank you again to a great friend that knows me so well!  =)

Euro Pane goodies

After the gym I went with a couple friends to EURO PANE in Pasadena.  I had the usual egg salad sandwich and an iced tea.  I also was a fatty and grabbed a couple of goodies for later...

Euro Pane

This is the sticky bun....mmm...

Euro Pane Sticky Bun

Euro Pane Sticky Bun

Apple Coffee Cake....

Euro Pane Apple Coffee Cake

Euro Pane Apple Coffee Cake

Euro Pane Apple Coffee Cake

Newport Tan Seafood - San Gabriel, CA

WOW.  That is all I can say.  This evening, I had dinner with my boy Steven who is in town from TX for a few days, his fiance/wifey Grace and his friend (whose name escapes me right now). We were originally going to hit up this Vietnamese Pho place but since it is Friday, he could not have meat so we came here.

Now I have heard great things about this place and never had a chance to come here...and he did not ever try this place either so it was a great 1st time for everyone.

 these are the clams...and I am not a big fan of clams, but these are the bomb....
 Nice and spicy!
 Beef.....standard Chinese fare..but it was way tasty and fresh.

 Have to have your veggies right?  Look at the garlic.... now is the star of our show...the MED aint ready for this....

The CLAW!!!

 The other claw...MASSIVE!
 What the meat looks like when you yank it out of there....
Man this place was great. Super busy and crowded but dare I saw worth it? was awesome.  Price is maybe a tad higher than other Chinese seafood places but the quality is all there. Super fresh in taste and color and quality/  Def have to come back here....excellent dinner tonight. Excellent.

Monday, March 21, 2011

2nd reply from

Dear Valued Customer:

Thank you for your email.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Upon checking, a notice or an email was sent to you on 03/09. We were not able to offer a comparable unit as we do not have one at that time. Thank you for your time and patience and again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your business. If you have further inquiries and reply to this email, please make sure to include your entire message, so we can address it appropriately.


Alvin Web Response

So the contention is there was an email was sent on 3/9.  So what.  I first of all never received such an email. I check my spam EVERYDAY...I would of noticed an email regarding my TV..that I have been waiting on.  Anyways...I would think that with such a high ticket item such as a 50" plasma TV, there would be a tad more effort into making it right or at least making sure I was OK. I am not ordering a pari of khakis from the gap here. This is a 50" LG  They are treating this like some book I ordered is on backorder.  LAME.

Reply from

Thank you for your recent order. We apologize for canceling your order. Please

note that we did send you an email

on or about 03/09/2011 to advise you of our actions. If you did not receive our

notification prior to this email we apologize for the inconvenience. The email

that we are given from is encrypted. This may have something to do with

why you did not receive our notice.

We are currently working with our product manager to obtain a suitable

substitute in price and function in order to resolve this issue. We thank you

for your time and patience.


Customer Service Department SUCKS!!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!

DO NOT ORDER from them! sucks ass. my 50" LG Plasma from 2004 finally took a dump. I have been w/o a TV now for a little over a month. I have been patient knowing deals pop up all the time and set up email alerts on Slickdeals and Techbargains etc. Check woot, and 1 sale a day etc...pretty much trolling looking for a deal. I do not need a super high end tv. I just want a mid level decent plasma/lcd to replace mine. 3D, no elaborate home theater baller status. Just a dang tv.

I found a great deal on slickdeals, $749 off of BUY.COM, free ground shipping and w tax came out to $800. It was a LG plasma 50" simple simple. I placed the order on 3/5. I figured it should be coming in this week so I track status...THE ORDER WAS CANCELED!

I called CS and they tell me TIGERDIRECT the vendor canceled the order and no other infor was available. I WAS/AM PISSED! WTF? Cancel my order and no info? Where is the customer service? Email me and say we are sorry but the TV you ordered is no longer are some options right? NO NOTHING. I heard nothing.

I emailed them and got some crap reply that LG stopped making that model. Funny thing is after googling some deals, this SAME TV was on sale as soon as 3/17 on the discount websites. CRAP.

SO PISSED right now. I have to look for another tv now...I have FBed and Tweeted this...I am on a campaign to let everyone know my horrible customer service experience. Bastards. They lucky they do not have a FB page. I would eff their wall up something fierce.


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Right in old town.... Honda's Advanced Design Studio...unfortunately it is not open to the public.

...and the celebration keeps going

Tonight I was able to celebrate with my "pigjam" pals with a cool little gold line adventure into old town Pasadena.

We all met at my place then jumped on the train headed towards Pasadena for our 7pm dinner at Mi Piace.  Good stuff....

 This is the sesame crusted was good.

Meat lasagna...

Chicken and Seafood Salad.

 Happy Birthday...woot woot.  Awesome when it is for you!
 Bread pudding with vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Soup

After Mi Piace I wanted to take my friends to Intelligentsia....for some coffee.  This time I got the latte...

good ass coffee...nuff said.

What is a birthday without presents?  My friends know they should and I love them for it.

THANK YOU TO PAUL, MYLS and ANNIE for my awesome presents!!!!

From Paul and Myls

 They got me a GORILLA GRIP!!!  YAY!  How great is this present?  So cool!

and from perfect. I cannot wait to go online and order some stuff!  I am in need of some soup and stuff!  PERFECT!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My 2 homies - Albert and John

Bad Cop No Donuts

Check out my homies blog above.  My boy John that edits BCND, gave another one of my friends Albert a nice shout out during a recent photo shoot for the mag HEAVY HITTERS.  If you don't know what BCND or are not up on your hustle and need to go back to school.  Nuff said...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All Men Are Cheaters - guilty

This post is dedicated to my corporate lover of many years.  I have loved her, cared for her, spent early morning and late nights longing for her and spending all my hard earned money on her.  But this evening, I am making room for another in my life.  It has come to this..that I dare dabble outside of my relationship.  I guess it could not last forever right? Sooner or later one of us was going to move outside the relationship to fulfill our needs. 

I am sorry my love....I am going to try something else.

I am sorry NIKE my dearest of everything I love. NIKE, NIKE AIR, NIKE AIR MAX...I can go on and on.  Tonight I received my new pair of INOV-8 F-Lite 220PK shoes.

Check em out at the website above in the pic.

Pretty much it is known I am SUPER DIE HARD BRAND LOYAL to the swoosh.  Most days at the gym, I seriously look like a Nike ad, I am in Nike gear head to toe.  I, socks, shorts and shirt.  All SWOOSH. I NEVER deviate shoewise...until this evening.

I have been wearing a pair of Nike Air Max 2010s for the gym and they have been OK..but not great.  I usually wear a Nike runner called the EQUALON+4 running shoe.  It is a stability shoe for heavy pronators like me. I have really bad feet.  Flat and weak arches etc etc.  Just bad.  I have $300 orthodics in my gym shoes.

As readers of my blog, you will know that I dabble in some Crossfit exercises once in awhile at the gym.  It appears INOV-8 is the hot shit right now.  Basically a CRAZE in Crossfits gyms across the country.  Trail runners, urban runners, crossfits and others are swearing by these shoes.  INOV-8 is basically a "Free" running shoe.  It makes it feel like you are running barefoot.  Go ahead and google why that is good for you. I dont have time to get into here...but the shoes are feather light, have little thin soles so you can feel the ground and your foot gets to work and get stronger on its own. 

Here are my INOV-8 F Lite 220PK

One of my colleagues at work who is an avid crossfit participant had these on last week. She told me they were all the rage at her gym.  I glanced down and thought ok cool...never heard of them.  The looked like New Balance or some other "off brand" that was NOT NIKE.  So I did not care too much.  Then I noticed one of the trainers at my gym had on these shoes that looked strangely similar.  He had these for at least a couple of months.  I never thought about it until it hit me, hey these are the same shoes.  So I asked him....the rest is history.  I picked up a pair on Zappos..which is AWESOME by the way and they came in today.  I will try these out on Thursday when I go in to lift and kickbox.  Nike..I still love you and will NEVER leave you 100% but I had to try these out.

INOV-8...these sell out very quick too....again these are still a little "underground" right now, the masses dont know about them it is a great time for me to rock these...because yes being an "elitist" is hard work!  Once these hit QVC or you can grab them at the mall?  Time to move on! LOL!  Kidding...who knows if these help my foot pain and make my feet stronger and help performance working out...I may have to get another pair.  We shall see.