Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cold Sunday Night in Old Town Pasadena

What to do on a long 3 day weekend on Sunday night?  Well it is cold as why not grab some food and hit old town for some fancy coffee at a fancy coffee house?  Sure why not....

1st off, let me say, people that know me, know I am NOT a coffee person.  I drink coffee like people drink alcohol.  I do not drink coffee but I will go out for coffee.  So at the office I never drink coffee, but if you want to go to starbucks or coffee bean, I am down for that.  I know weird.  But....

INTELLIGENTSIA is a different ball game....this place makes SB and CBTL seem like a kid with a folgers can and hot water. Talk about FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCY.

 This is what my friend ordered a BLACK CAT LATTE.....
 Tea filters....
 This is my Black Car Macchiato which was $3.  At first I was thinking did I get ripped off? Look how tiny that cup is...and what is this sparkling water that "comes with my drink?"  I had to be a newb and just ask...the coffee dude tells me it is so I can cleanse the palate from sipping on the coffee.  I realized later what that meant.
 Awesome huh?
 couple shots of the place...

 The aftermath....look a red star!

 So I must say..that was a DAMN GOOD tiny cup of coffee.  I usually NEVER have any effect from caffeine from coffee.  I can drink an iced coffee and go to bed and sleep no problem.  But..this cup...I actually felt a buzz...literally felt a buzz.  It was smooth, no crazy aftertaste and after a couple packs of raw sugar it was awesome.  I could of sat there and sipped another one. I also did what I was taught by sipping the sparkling water every few sips so then the coffee would taste NEW again and you can really taste it.

This place is also AWESOME for coffee dates.  I just need to find one...but that is beside the point.  It is cool and hipster-ish but the quality of the coffee is pretty damn amazing.  Maybe I am too impressed since I am NOT a coffee person?  All I know is that little cup was deelish..and had me buzzing.  I can now understand the coffee snobs out there in the world.  This place is the was good.

As my buddy and I were leaving, I saw that we were across the street from PRIX tattoo/piercing shop and decided to drop in...why?  Because my gym darling ALLIE was working tonight.  Allie and I are "gym friends' for a few months now.  We take a couple classes together and just kinda hit it off...we are best pals!  OK maybe not BEST like BFFs...but she is a sweety and we make fun of the instructor, bad tattoos, dumb people and other things in life...she is super cool.

See how happy she was to see me?  Awwww.....<3

 This is customer service as its best...yes...the one raised eyebrow...before you get the side eye.
 and this is what she was her own word it is "Geek Literature."  I have no idea what STRING THEORY yeah. she will have to explain it to me at the gym.
Great night its these random outings that are not planned that sometimes are the most fun.  Love trying new places and drop in surprise my friends. Very cool night both literally and figuratively.

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