Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daughter of Amy Chua, who wrote 'Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,' responds to controversy -

Daughter of Amy Chua, who wrote 'Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,' responds to controversy -

Now the daughter speaks out to defend mom. I think it is cool she is doing it...but yes I am still a hater and bitter party of one over here. I wrote about how I felt in another blog posting on Amy Chua. It is just very hard to take her book and her seriously, to me anyways....raising her kids super 100% Chinese style yet she is herself married a white/Jewish boy. I mean come on...I am just curious if she ever dated Asian men. I am curious if being raised by a "Tiger Mom" made her move away from dating Asians and eventually marrying a non Asian.

I have to repeat myself before I get all kinds of hate. I am ONLY giving crap to Asian ladies that will ONLY DATE WHITE. There are many many out there. I am fully supportive of finding LOVE...heck I am looking all the time. If you are Asian and dated different people and then found love with someone outside of your race then hey all good. I have MANY FRIENDS that have married and have wonderful lives that are mixed. I LOVE THEM ALL. I may tease them but I know they just happened to find love with someone outside of the Asian race, it is all good.


I too have experienced this....I am talking with a co worker or friend...and maybe I see a Facebook pic with them and a bunch of friends. I see a cute Asian girl....typical conversation goes like this...

ME: hey who is that? She is cute! What's the 411?
FRIEND: Oh that is my friend XXXX, she is the best! I love her! Yeah she is cute!
ME: she single?
FRIEND: Yes she is....
ME: hook it up! Find out if I can email or call her! Make it happen!
FRIEND: Well..sorry. You are not her type...she only dates White Boys. All her previous BFs were all white. Sorry about that.

I cannot tell you how many times I have had THAT conversation...verbatim.

I have even more proof ala 0nline dating sites. Click a cute Asian girl's profile and 8 out of 10 times, her preferences will be WHITE ONLY.

Anyways...those are my thoughts...take it or leave it. I don't know Amy Chua's background. Maybe she dated exclusively Asian and had her heartbroken by some fob and she ran into the arms of her white knight. I don't know. OK rant is off. I guess in the end...who is the loser...who is alone and not married and who is the one happily married with kids and a super popular, controversial, best selling book, speaking tours etc....we all know how it will turn out in the end.

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