Saturday, January 29, 2011

A couple fun pick ups = more junk in my life

I have not had a chance to update a couple cool things I have picked up.

Old School - Oakley Frogskins Limited Edition, Grey Fog

I remember Frogkins when I was in Jr High.  I had some cool clear ones with an orange iridium tint on the lenses. I was sooooo cool. I saw these on HypeBeast and had to have these.

 These are a limited edition in Grey Fog.  Very is a standard tortoise shell print but in GREY.  So it is a grey tortoise shell...with grey lenses.

Headphonies -

Skully - premium mini loud speakers.  Very cool.....

 you plug this into any 3.5 head phones jack, it gets charged via USB and it has amazing sound for this tiny little toy.  It has to be is very cool and looks cute!

great for traveling and you need some tunes in your hotel or in the bathroom.  Definitely check out the website and see...they have tons of different styles.

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