Monday, January 17, 2011

Amy Chua - Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother : TYPICAL Asian Chick...bleh!

OK...I just had to post something on this.  As the 5 people that read my blog, I posted this story not too long ago about Amy Chua's new book that is getting huge reactions everywhere.  Just google her and you will see.  Anyways...I have no opinion on her book as I was not personally raised that way but I know tons of kids that were.  Being ABC, I can 150% relate to her book and reading that excerpt made me smile and think I GET IT!  Again...not my point in this blog post.  I recently heard an interview with Amy on NPR where she was a guest talking about the book. She was in studio with her husband.  HER WHITE JEWISH HUSBAND.


I know I can be bitter and maybe I am.  Here is a smart, educated, "pretty", outgoing, CHINESE WOMAN...and who does she shack up with?  A NON ASIAN.  Sigh....why am I surprised?  She is part of the 90% of other Asian girls/women out there...that ultimately end up in mixed marriages.  Whatevers.

I had this discussion at work with my colleague that is Asian, single and definitely smart and successful.  I brought up Amy Chua and my dislike that here she is writing about growing up to Chinese immigrant parents and  embracing her culture and this and that but yet marries outside her everyone one else.

Here is my ONLY problem with girls like Amy is this.  I need to ask one question.  HAVE YOU EVER DATED AN ASIAN MAN?  I only "hate" Asian Girls that will ONLY that EXCLUSIVELY NON ASIANS.  That is the part that gets me sick.  If you dated Asian men, and Latino men or even Black men but found love with a white guy...all good.  But...if all your life you make a statement - I ONLY DATE WHITE.  Then I have a problem with you.

Being a single Asian guy is frustrating on so many levels...and when I am CONSTANTLY reminded that all these awesome Asian Girls are dating ONLY white can see why I am bitter table for one.  In the end I want to support her, as an Asian author making news and writing a book about my culture, but I have to wonder, did Amy ever give the "brothers" a chance before she married her White/Jewish hubby?

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