Saturday, January 29, 2011

Air Jordan 3 Retro - Retail Box

Just received my second pair of the Air Jordan 3 retro, retail version.  If you read my blog you will know I had these shoes in December.  The official release was Jan 22.  So yeah I had the shoes a month before.  But...since I had the early version, it did not have the final retail box which really made the shoes even more special.

This is the retail version.

 As you can see the box is really nice.  Jordan has went retro with the box, beautiful with black, red and elephant print. The shoes even came with a plastic hang tag like the originals except this is the jumpman instead of the Nike word.

Apparently the shoe was NOT that crazy in demand.  It just goes to show the newbies and youngins dont know the classics.  People literally walked into stores and bought the shoes with no lines and you can still pick up pairs online for retail.  Weird....if I have more money next paycheck I will probably pick up one more pair.  These are classic.

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