Saturday, December 18, 2010

Morning Beat Down

Wake in the morning....

this is my little prep for class....yeah yeah yeah.  Good or bad...who knows.  But I like it!

Today's class was a little more brutal...or at least it felt that way.  We did:

16x squat thrust
8x burpees
16x renegade rows

we had to do 3 rounds of be honest I had to cheat. I did not complete my 3rd round. It was hard....ugh.  After that we did cliffhangers across the floor while a partner did chairs on the wall and we switched out.  It was painful.

POST WORK OUT.....I was reading in this month's M&F and they suggested this post work out mix.

Newman's Virgin Lemonade is one of the is literally water, REAL sugar and lemons.  Read the ingredients.  I do respect it...since we all know Paul Newman does not need the money, he donates all profits to charity, so not only is it a good drink with good stuff, the money is for a good cause.  So it is worthy of my support.  Anyway...the article said, the sugar is good for the muscle recovery and citric acid in the lemons is good for something else.  I need to re read the article but I know it was a suggested post work out drink and tastes pretty good.  I mix about 80/20 with lemonade to water and 2 scoops of the protein. 

Pretty good taste.

I also picked up a couple of a quick drive to work drink.

I am not much of an ingredient reader but I have been looking for real stuff.  Like this is def expensive but it was on sale for $1.99.  If you read will see the good stuff in it.  Again, it is not a general answer to your diet or meals, but for me...I am in the car for an hour driving and if I can drink this before I get to work all the better.  It tastes good if you see it, give it a try.  When it is on sale, I will pick up more just for those emergencies.

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