Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Lunch - Kids!

What is that old saying?  Kids are fun and great when they are not yours and you can give them back!  LOL!  Well, OK maybe that is drastic, but it is fun to play with my friends' kids and be able to come home solo and not have to worry about feeding and diapers and all that.  So yeah....

Today, I met up with my pals from the Southbay, Stef and Joe. I have not seen them in a long time and it was great to see them and see their new baby and their daughter Emi!

Another great surprise was that my good friend Nowa was in town.  Nowa is living in TN and was in town and she and her kids will be leaving on xmas day so it was so great to see her before she left.  She and her kids Mason and Miya.

This is little Emi!

This is cutie pie Miya!
And this little man is Miya's brother Mason.
and this little precious one is Emi's new sister...Kylie.
It was so good to see my friends as we never get to hang out much anymore.  Living farther away and kids can keep you busy.  Even a couple of hours is so great.  Nice start to a long weekend of celebration.

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