Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Chinese Hot Pot

I celebrated Christmas Eve with mom over some traditional Chinese hot pot.  Mom wanted to try this place nearby that has AYCE Chinese Hot Pot, so we figured tonight would be a perfect night.  Plus it is cold as a witch's tit in a brass bra right now so the warmth of hot pot was welcomed.

Here is a shot of the great 'secret sauce' I guess it is not much of a secret as its probably onions, soy and jalapenos.  But it is yummy for sure.

Here is the broth. It had carrots, some lotus root, corn and pork bones.
This is what we ordered. Veggies, clear noodles, beef, lamb, napa cabbage, fish, tripe, some liver stuff, I think.
I wanted some noodles and wontons.  The wontons were kinda fake as they were not normal wontons rather they use fish cake as the meat vs shrimp and pork. Oh well....
Cooking the clear noodles.
Beef cooking,

finished product!
This is the fresh rock cod which was so good.
Gotta have tofu.
Round 2...needed more green, some more beef, tripe and some more wontons.


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