Friday, December 31, 2010

Arroyo Chop House - end of the year dinner

A couple times a year you have to splurge and just enjoy a great meal. Tonight was one of those times. My friend Barry and I wanted to celebrate the year with a great steak. So we went local to the Arroyo Chop House for a fat ass steak to end 2010 with a bang.

 Pancheta wrapped Scallop was so good!

 Bibb salad and the best part was the goat cheese. Sooooo good!
 Lobster Mash....
 Mac and Cheese with Black Forest Ham.  Waaaay much you can barely eat it.
 Lyonnaise Potatoes
 French Green Beans
 Cowboy ribeye

 Grand Marnier Soufle

 Fresh berries

great meal...and I am so ready for a great 2011!

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