Sunday, November 14, 2010

Poker and Tournaments

This afternoon I played in my second "real" tournament at the Commerce Casino. 

It was a $220 buy in KO tournament.

 This was my stack after the break....not too bad.
 I lost when I got into a 4 way ALL IN right before level was crazy.  88 vs JJ vs T9d vs my...AKh!  The Jacks held up and I was bumped out around 145-150 out of 312.

Here are some old pics from the one I played at the Bike.

 I did a tad better in this one....

1 comment:

Seth P. said...

Good job, Ving! Keep at your gambling; one day you'll have a lucky streak and win!

(Just kidding I know how you poker geeks hate people saying it's "gambling" or "luck")