Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jessica - practice photography

On Sunday last week, I was able to go out and assist my friend Luke on a photoshoot he was doing for a contest. Luke is a pro and is bad ass. Dude knows his stuff. Check out his stuff at www.lukepickerill.com

Luke hired make up and model for this shoot and he let me, a total NEWB come along and help out. I learned so much just watching him work. It was so fun and I learned a lot.

The model's name is Jessica and she was super nice and cool. Obviously this is bridal themed. We shot this in Glendale near/on the old rail road tracks. There was this gnarly alley with brick and over grown grass as well as trash and probably human feces there too..but anyways it was a crazy location. I held strobes, reflectors and helped hold lights and just got to watch him direct his model to get the shot he needed. I hope to come again and learn more.

Here are my shots from this very cool evening out shooting.

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