Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Poker and Tournaments

This afternoon I played in my second "real" tournament at the Commerce Casino. 

It was a $220 buy in KO tournament.

 This was my stack after the break....not too bad.
 I lost when I got into a 4 way ALL IN right before level 7....it was crazy.  88 vs JJ vs T9d vs my...AKh!  The Jacks held up and I was bumped out around 145-150 out of 312.

Here are some old pics from the one I played at the Bike.

 I did a tad better in this one....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Early Pick Up - 2011 Air Jordan Retro III White/Cement

Just got these delivered this evening. Air Jordan Retro III in the ICONIC White and Cement colorway. I had to pay a little extra...ok maybe a lot extra to have these early. The official release date for these are February 2011. The shoes look real good and the best part in my opinion is they are tumbled leather. The quality looks pretty good, but after a few wears I will know better.

There are some quality control issues.  Look at the ends of the top lace loop/collar area of the shoe....just lazy and loose craftsmanship.  I mean...whatever.  I plan on wearing these so I am not stressing.  But would it kill JB to be more careful? I mean look at these...ugh.  SLOPPY!

I bought these from a cool cat from up north in SF. He threw in some NBA low cut sock.  Not bad for some extra customer appreciation right?  Overall I am happy to have these so early.  I plan on wearing these soon and snap some necks in the streets!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jessica - practice photography

On Sunday last week, I was able to go out and assist my friend Luke on a photoshoot he was doing for a contest. Luke is a pro and is bad ass. Dude knows his stuff. Check out his stuff at www.lukepickerill.com

Luke hired make up and model for this shoot and he let me, a total NEWB come along and help out. I learned so much just watching him work. It was so fun and I learned a lot.

The model's name is Jessica and she was super nice and cool. Obviously this is bridal themed. We shot this in Glendale near/on the old rail road tracks. There was this gnarly alley with brick and over grown grass as well as trash and probably human feces there too..but anyways it was a crazy location. I held strobes, reflectors and helped hold lights and just got to watch him direct his model to get the shot he needed. I hope to come again and learn more.

Here are my shots from this very cool evening out shooting.

CNBC story on KICKS....