Saturday, October 16, 2010

My new toy!!! CANON 60D

I finally got my new toy.  I made the jump to a DSLR. I have been waiting for this camera for a bit and now I have it.  Here is the unboxing!

My fed ex was horrible...ugh. They tried to deliver it 3xs on 10/7 and I got the notice from a nice neighbor on 10/12.  I never got the notice since it was taped to the front security gate and I NEVER enter from there.  Anyways, I had to wake up and get to the hub at 8AM to pick this up.  

 YAY! here it is!

 SO SEXY....
I have a bag, SDHC card, grip and extra battery, R strap and I need to order some lenses and I can begin shooting!

I will post up my impressions soon. 

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Anonymous said...

Lenses to get: EF-S 15-85, 55-250, then 60mm macro, then 10-20