Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WALL STREET 2: Money Never Sleeps

I saw the movie last night at a press screening on the Fox Lot. Here are my rambling thoughts of the movie..

if you LOVE the OG Wall Street and Boiler Room you should enjoy it. There is definitely a good dose of "suspension of disbelief" going on and yes there are some pretty predictable plot lines, but in the end WHO CARES? I really felt it was a good GUYS movie. The baller/money hungry/greedy peeps that deal in NOT millions..but hundreds of millions on the daily. Very cool. I also agree Michael Douglas KILLED IT. Super slick...and yes comes out of jail humbled...until..(no spoiler)!!! Josh Brolin was my 2nd fave character. He plays an ASSHOLE great. This character was similar to his character in American Gangster as the bad FBI agent. Add super rich to that guy and you get him here. Just straight gangster and ruthless. Super SLICK..and has EFF YOU money..and he EFFS YOU all day and dont care. Shia was just Shia...he was ok. But maybe I am being too mean or shallow...but man I was bugged by the girl. Jake's (Shia) fiance/GF bugged me...main reason I really felt she was NOT attractive. I mean...does that sound bad? Maybe I am too "LA" or judging on looks etc..but she looked like an ugly boy to me. She bugged me so much..I know her character was supposed to be "anti establishment, granola, hippie-esque" but ugh..she just was not pleasant to look at. She bugged me.

Here are some things I enjoyed on a strictly personal level. The product placement in this film as you can expect is prominent. I loved the motorcycles. DUCATI is the bike of choice in the movie. Also..IWC watches...among others. Funny Gekko wore a gold Cartier tank watch before he went to jail. Jake also wore a SICK ASS IWC Portugues big face watch in it. Also...fashionwise...I have to mention the SUITS...are just awesome. Jake/Shia really embraced the POWER SUIT. He wore his suits and fat ties like a pro. Just super tight and clean. Which of course you have to believe he is rockin custom suits while riding a motorcycle through NY traffic. Yeah right. Of course Gekko is suited and booted. There is a great montage where Gekko is getting fitted...oh man. I want to dress like that one day...just custom tailored all the way with proper/perfect fit. Jake also uses a Vertu phone and his alarm clock was great. I am going to research it and try to pick one up! hahahaa...

thats it...a good guy movie, and yes..lots of CIGAR smoking.

All in all...go see it with the bros...and you will be good to go!


Anonymous said...


I'm dying to find out what kind of alarm clock that was too. I want to get it as a gift for someone...

If you find out who makes it..can you post?

Likewise, If i find it I will come back and tell you


國榮 said...

Yes I have tried googling and nothing on it. If I find out I will def post up.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for that clock as well. Still can't find anything on google though.

If it's any use to someone, the clock is in the movie around 1h 50mins

Anonymous said...