Monday, September 6, 2010

TOURS - my review.

Man I am losing it in old age. I forgot to give a quickie review of the headphones as promised. Well here goes.


I heard a HUGE difference from the crap I used to have as headphones. I think there is a definite strata of quality....

level 1 - the crap...the stuff that comes free with your player. Everyone knows these suck.

level 2 - the low to med level headphones like skull candy and jbuds etc. Pricing can be as low as $20 to about $50 for these headphones. They are a big jump from the freebies and do the job. I use a set of jbuds for the gym.

level 3 - is where you get the good shit. Bose and other "high end" headphones are here. Def over $100 but under $300. And here is the SWEET SPOT for me. these Dre Beats are the truth. They RULE this category.

level 4 - this is the super pro shit that I dont even think an "average' person can tell the difference. These are the SHURES and ULTIMATE EARS and basically studio/DJ quality stuff. Very high end headphones that can cost up to $500 for a set. Crazy I know...

I am listening to my ZUNE 120GB (yes I own a zune) and the bass is richer and deeper and the highs more clear. It is a big jump and I could hear the difference right away. The passive noise cancellation is also on point. If I wear these "correctly" they plug out ALOT of the outside noise. This was the main reason I did not get the studio Beats. I have a couple friends that have them and they are ACTIVE NC which means the headphones need a battery to cancel the noise. I am NOT a fan of that, plus I just like in ears versus over ears in general.

Now the last reason why these are bad ass. THEY LOOK BAD ASS. I guess I like a little bling...a little showyness just like anyone else. These headphones make a statement. Like the rest of the Beats, you cannot mistake or miss the bright red cord and the logo "B." I also really love the flat noodle like cords. It really does the job of not tangling. I tell you, you have these on your ears in an airport or on the train and peeps will know those are BEATS. It def makes a statement and who doesnt like a little attention once in a while? I know I do. All in all, I am sure the super high end headphones are probably better..but I cannot begin to imagine how much better. These sound great and I am very very pleased with them.

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