Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Streamlight PT 2L

Just picked up this pocket flashlight. Streamlight PT 2L, which is a "tactical" flashlight.  It is called this since you can use this in smallish self defense occasions. Main thing is this little bad boy is BRIGHT.  Like 180 lumens bright.  It can temporarily blind an attacker.  Also if held the in the hand in a defense way, it can be used as a kuboton.  You see the edges on the bezel is stepped, this is used on an attacker, if you were to stab that into someone and twist, it would cause pain and damage to the skin.

One good thing is it is small light and super bright.  But maybe I am holding it wrong as it when I was clicking through my thumb as not very comfy.  I will have to adjust to it.  It has 3 modes, HIGH which is super bright, a LOW mode and a very cool STROBE mode.

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