Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pushed to my limits....

I usually just post on FB about my work outs and don't blog about it.  But this morning was crazy...I was pushed to my limits.  Here is what we did:

Warm up stretching...pretty standard and usual. We ran a little, did some lunges and then push ups and more running.  Then BOOM....we got started.

29/15/9 reps of the following:

Squat Thrusts, Push Ups, High Knee Jumps

That is ONE set...we did THREE.  Well OK I had to tap out and maybe did 2 1/2 sets. I could not go on.

Then we did resistance sprints...that is what killed me.  OMG...we ran back and forth 2xs in the room for 2 sets.  I have never done these...and man. I was sooo light headed. I almost passed out..or felt like I was going to.  This was the most intense I have ever felt.  Maybe I have been taking it too easy?  Oh was crazy.  The resistance sprints was just crazy bad....

It was a great work out....I feel like crap but a million bucks at the same time.  INTENSE!

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