Friday, July 16, 2010

Summertime learning - Latest Study Book

Along with my other goodies from Amazon today, I got my next "study guide" in a basic library of reference.  Professional No Limit Hold'em is supposedly one of the better books on the game.  Somewhat advanced but several of my playing buddies have it and say it is a good read.

But bear in mind the game is evolving and changing all the time.  So a lot of times these book's are kind of out of date.  BUT...and here is the BUT.  It does provide the basic foundation you need for a solid BASE GAME and BASE KNOWLEDGE.  Which is where I am.  I still need to finish Harrington's Cash game book...but for now I will keep this handy until I am ready to crack it open.  I basically read these like a text book in school.  I do not sit down and read it for FUN per se....its more like school.  I actually read these with a highlighter in hand and then sometimes go back and re read sections as needed and skip sections that I think I dont need or need to know right now.  Who will all help me accomplish my bucketlist task scheduled for next year.  Yes sir....2011 should be good.

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