Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stacked Sandwich in Arcadia, CA

After a good workout, what better way to ruin it then to have a sandwich right?  My friend and I headed out to STACKED SANDWICH in Arcadia, CA.  Now...this place has good Yelp reviews and my buddy ate here before so he said I had to try it. 

I ordered the BEEF BARCHETTA sandwich, which is beef dipped in a nice spicy chili chipotle au jus, swiss cheese, french fries, garlic mayo, grilled onions and a horseradish sauce.  I had mine sans onion and horseradish.  Here is my review...

PRO - Super flavorful.  The meat is tender and spicy enough and everything does taste and is fresh.  Fries are good and very tasty.  Exactly what I expect from a $9 sandwich.  Very flavorful.

CON - and what a CON.  I mean super disappointed.  Look at the pics.  Seriously..WHERE'S THE BEEF?  I was like that all there is? I mean the place is called STACKED sandwich...where is the STACKING?  There is none.  I am expecting this meat over flowing with juices and barely there bread unable to contain the insides.  Nope.  Let's compare...Phillipes and The all know those places.  Those places are not known for super amounts of meat either but its at least DOUBLE of what I got here.  Same price too.  A pastrami from The Hat or a beef dip from Phillipes is around $9 too...and you get waaaaay more meat.  So yeah man I am a tad disappointed.

Even my pal's sister, who is a new mom that shared a TBA (Turkey Bacon Avocado) mentioned her sandwich hardly had any turkey in it. She said it tasted good..but def not enough turkey.

So I guess I recco this place if you are a light eater and DONT LIKE a lot of meat in your sandwich.  As for me...if I am paying $10 I want more...lots more.

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