Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lessons from a home game

Last night I was playing cards at my friend's house.  We had a nice full table of 9 players and we were getting close to 1AM and decided that we would add antes to the pot as we were going to just make one more round of hands.  The button was on me so the antes would go one rotation until it came back to me and we would end and go home.  Suffice it to say, I was not winning once the antes were add.  I was a little above my buy in and was going to maybe break even...until...the second to last hand.  I was small blind...and had the infamous FISH/DONK hand of K9 off.  A definitely fold in most situations.  Bad position and just really bad I should of folded immediately.  But...I let my emotions..and the thought of hey just one more hand to go...let's just play.  flop comes out Kx 5h 2h.  I bet, BB calls, and the cutoff shoves all in.  Now this is pretty much a FOLD 99% of the time right?  No way my K is good is it?  Unless that person is on a draw right?  Well...I basically threw any logic or good thought and decided to call.  She flipped over pocket 5s giving her 3 of a kind to my pair of Kings and a 9 kicker.  The BB was almost going to call with his heart draw as he has QT of hearts.  The turn brought another heart and would of mode his flush.  Anyways...I learned something that night.

What separates the pros and experts from people like me?  DISCIPLINE. and NOT LETTING your emotions get the best of you.

I chatted with my friends from last night and they all agreed my call was "reasonable" and not bad at all based on the circumstances.  The player that shoved is NOTORIOUS for being very aggressive on draws.  I expected her to ahve a baby Ace or a heart draw and wanted to get paid for it.  So I received some consolation on my play under those specific circumstances.  But I know poker, life or need to be disciplined and focused and never make rash emotional decisions.  Luckily it was a friendly home game and I just lost my buy in...I did not have to rebuy at all so it is all good.  I hope I do not ever make that mistake again...ever.  UGH!

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