Saturday, July 24, 2010

Barry's Bachelor Palace

My friend Barry earlier this year picked up a nice condo/loft in Monrovia and today I had a chance to visit.  He is not done with it...but he has some very NICE pieces in there.  Here is a sneak peek of what NICE FURNITURE looks like....LOL.

Kitchen area

Living area

All his stuff is from either Crate and Barrel or Room and Board.  He is actually addicted to ROOM AND BOARD and goes there too much..and spends way too much.  But hey...I like shoes, watches and other "stupid" hey if he wants to spend money on nice ish for this pad...go for it.


This simple chair.  You have seen them everywhere.  But do you know the history?  Go ahead and google NAVY CHAIR..or EMECO NAVY CHAIR.  This thing has mad history....and umm...yeah.  This is a real one.  Fakes are EVERYWHERE.  So how much does a legit, authentic EMECO NAVY CHAIR COST?  Kiddies...take a look at what a $400+ chair looks like.  Dude has 4 for his dining table.  So yes...$1600 for chairs only.  WOW.


this is the Herman Mille Eames Lounge Chair in Walnit with the optional wooden legs.  It is surprisingly very comfy. It is DESIGNED.  Very iconic and and just done right.  Wanna know how much one of these bad boys cost?  This is what a $600+ chair looks like....crazy.  But hey...your ass does fit in it very nicely. 

Again, you pay for quality and nicely designed things.  I can relate to that.
He also has a nice set of GLOBAL knives for his kitchen that I did not get to take a pic of.  Next time.  But yeah...dude knows what he likes..and he likes the good ish!

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