Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Last Air Bender is a FAIL

I was already apprehensive about this movie as soon as I saw a white boy playing the main lead role.  This post pretty much explains everything I was thinking.  Sad really.  All the "hero" characters are white...and the one bad Fire Bender is played by the only "colored" person...Dev Patel from SlumDog...ugh.  Horrible.

Thanks to my boy Norvin for forwarding this over to me this morning.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Greg's Bday GTG - Botanical Garden and food run!

Yesterday, the group got together to celebrate Greg's bday.  We all went to a botanical garden in PV to walk around and see the plants and cool stuff they have there.

After some walking and looking at is TIME TO EAT!!! We headed to the Rolling Hills Plaza area.

Went here for lunch:

Lunch specials are always appreciated.

I had the Beef Kalbi stew....yummy!

Beef was sooo tender....

next stop...dessert!!  A few of us heard about this place and wanted to give it a try!

I picked up 4 cupcakes to bring home....

starting from the top right corner going clockwise.  Peanut Butter cheesecake, Caramel Apple, Red Velvet and Coconut Vanilla.

Then I had a custom ice cream sandwich...with a chocolate chip cookie a snickerdoodle and vanilla bean ice cream.

Good times as always....Happy Birthday Greg!


A clever plate I saw cruising around.  It is on a Prius and inside was filled with Hello Kitty stuff. 

For all my non Chinese readers the plate literally says I LOVE YOU in Mandarin.  Cute indeed!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


On June 19 Nike released the Air Jordan INFRARED PACK that contains the Black/Infrared and the White/Infrared. Two OG colorways of an iconic shoe. Super hyped pair for this year. I have another pair coming in this week...or at least it better come in. I got these from a contact on the forums and I then ordered from Finishline and got another pack. One to rock, one to stock as they say!

Here is a shot of the Black/Infrared

Here are the white/infrared

some detail shots...

China's real estate boom spells trouble for boyfriends -

China's real estate boom spells trouble for boyfriends -

Sad fact of reality. Oh well...Chicks. Go Figure.

Thanks to my boy Norvin for the heads up on the story.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Nice dual celebration on Sunday, 1 for the obvious, Father's Day and the second was for Lucas' 3rd birthday!  It was really SUPER! (ha ha I made a funny)

As you can tell it was a super hero themed party and the kids as well as the adults HAD FUN!

kids love cupcakes...

Had a really great time...and it was a perfect day at the park!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Celebrated Roxanne's bday last night at ASHOKA THE GREAT in Artesia while watching the LAKERS become world champions. Good night...

Ashoka has lots of good feedback from Yelp and it was very good. Good flavors and a very clean restaurant. I was impressed and would def eat there again.

yummy mango yogurt and refreshing!

now on to some apps...

above is chicken...this is Samosas...

Chicken Tandoori

Garlic Chicken

now for some curry....

have to have some Naan and Rice...



check out Joonie's new video for his single SO FLY!

UFO Hoaxer 'TFH' Creates Shockingly Realistic CGI Videos of UFOs and Disasters

UFO Hoaxer 'TFH' Creates Shockingly Realistic CGI Videos of UFOs and Disasters

Very cool hoaxer makes super realistic clips of UFOs and disasters etc...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mini vs Porsche

 Who doesnt love an 80's training montage?  ROCKY ones are the best.  From Rocky IV - Ivan Drago..."I WILL BREAK YOU!"

Monday, June 14, 2010

What to wear?


Nike Hyperdunk Supreme - LAKERS (Away) colorway



Air Jordan retro 1 DMP Pack - Boston Celtics colorway

LOL...anyone who knows me, knows I have little interest in sports. I just watch the important games and even then it is just to keep up with current events and conversation.  Obviously, it helps to live in the city where the current champions are located as we are about to get DEEP into it with Boston.  LA better win the next 2 games and finish this.  But just in case they least I have the right kicks to rock whatever happens!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Infrared Pack - June 19

Infrared Pack

Man...had to pay a "little" extra to pre-order a pack.  Will be on the hunt Saturday to secure one more.  I need one to rock one the stock.


Last night was UFC 115 and Liddell got KOed by Rich Franklin.  I am def sad that Chuck lost 5 out of his last 6 fights.  At 40 years old, most agree he is/should retire after this showing last night.

This is an older pic of me and Chuck.  I met him and got to spend a day with him back at FIRST LOOK HOME ENT where we released his solo profile DVD, THE ULTIMATE ICEMAN.  We did some radio and other interviews and ended at the Virgin Megastore at Hollywood and Highland for an appearance and DVD signing.  He is super down to earth and just a very cool guy.  I am NOT a huge MMA fan, I barely keep up but I do like Chuck, we was very cool hanging out and doing all the press we had for him for the DVD.  GOOD LUCK to you in your future ICEMAN!

[HD] 2010 Lexus LFA "Pitch" - Behind the Scenes

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DC 2010

After Chicago I headed to DC for a couple days.  My little bro got an internship so we went over to get him settled.  I wont bore you with the standard monument pics. I will just post up the FOOD PORN!!!

Here is what I ate in DC....again too much w/ no exercise FML....

Gotta go to Ben's....

Half Smoke w Chili Cheese

and Chili Cheese Fries...

Then we went to GOOD STUFF...Spike's restaurant from TOP CHEF!

the burgers...and fries...

and the fries...

visited Chinatown in DC.  I like to always visit the Chinatown in any city that has one...DC one is TINY.  Like 1 or 2 streets....

Chinatown Express

Famous Hand Made noodles....

then we to have afternoon tea at our hotel at Mayflower Renaissance!

Then to top the end of the week off...Sunday Jazz Brunch!

and here are some extra shots of SNACKS....

Hello Cupcake!

and Julia's empanadas...

I forgot which was which, but one is beef, one chicken and one is a veggie spinach one.

There you have it...eating around DC!