Monday, May 17, 2010

Liquid Crack Experiment

As some of you that know me or read my little updates on facebook and stuff, I have been trying to kick up my fitness game.  I am getting into my classes every week and the double up classes are getting more routine and getting easier. I love it.  Recently, at my gym they were selling this drink REDLINE XTREME which my friends there were saying HOW CRAZY it is.  They called it liquid crack...and that it would really make you work out more intensely and not get tired and keep it moving.  I figured I need to try it.  Fast forward to this weekend and a some other friends mentioned the new Gatorade drink that are more formulated for specific times of your workout etc.  There RECOVERY was told to be the one that contains 16g of protein in each bottle.  I went to the store and they were on sale for 2 for $3 which gave me enough reason to buy it...which then get me thinking I need the REDLINE...then I decided to try ENDORUSH.  I will explain below:

First one...the Gatorade.

This is the RECOVERY or step 3 in the G series.  They have a PRIME, PERFORM and the RECOVERY.

here is the nutrition info....

So the good.  Yay it has 16g of protein...but at what cost?

Tons of sodium...and tons of sugar.  NO BUENO.

This is the REDLINE XTREME.....

A few people at the gym and my friends have said this stuff is the real deal.  It gets you going like no redbull or even a Lee's iced coffee!  So I really wanted to try it.  this is an 8oz bottle and that is 2 servings.  You are only supposed to drink half of it.  CRAZY!  The is very potent stuff...the labels warn to READ READ READ before drinking.  Here is the good stuff...

the good, no sugar!  So that is a good thing.  I dont have a bad yet as I have not tried it.  I will know more tomorrow.  It has lot of caffeine which is good and bad I guess.

When I went to the store to pick this up the clerk told me about this...ENDORUSH.

So this is 16oz and it is 4 servings in this bottle.  He said this is CRAZY JUICE. Supposed to really bang out the workouts.

Again, this has NO SUGAR so that is good.  This one does have some sodium in it. 

Who knows what will work or not...I guess there is some placebo effect to all of this as well.  I dont care...if it will help than I am cool with that.  I will add a post tomorrow night when I get back from the gym and do a follow up.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Be careful with these kinds of "energy" drinks. They're all caffeine and other empty stimulants that your body can either form a dependency on or over time you'll constantly need more and more to feel the same effect. Going all natural is the best way. Try some honey and a non-chemical based whey or egg protein shake (avoid anything that says "proprietary blend"). Honey is a slow-burning sugar and the protein's and amino-acids in the shakes will actually help your muscles grow and in turn, burn more fat, reducing your body mass index and making you leaner. Also eat an apple once a day. Good source of vitamin C. Good luck!