Thursday, May 20, 2010

Endorush thoughts

Last evening for class I had a dose of METARUSH energy drink.  Sad to say but pretty much the same as Redline Xtreme.  Again, I did not feel a RUSH of any sort.  I did feel the same effect of "sustained energy" and I did feel the thermogenics effects and NO effects.  So those 3 things are good.  I have a few doses left of both so I will finish them off and see what happens.

I really believe my metabolism is so slow this stuff just takes forever to get into my system.  But the good stuff with the better sweat and blood pumping are def good things.

As for taste...its is not horrible but again, not something you would drink on a regular basis.  Next week I will finish off the rest of the drinks. I have 1 left of redline and about 2 more for Endorush. 

overall..not a bad experience, I did not feel the usual complaints of the shakes or nervousness others experience.  I am not 100% sold or off this stuff, I think it needs more "evaluation."

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