Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ellen Show part 2

Second time is least for the ELLEN SHOW.  Some of my loyal readers may remember a month ago a friend and I tried to go to a taping, we did not make it in.  We were on standby and never got in.  So because we did not get in, we were guaranteed a spot for another taping.  Today was it!

Here I am...rocking the Foamposite Ones aka Coppers aka Dirty Pennies aka Duracells.

We were hoping we would win something awesome...close enough we GOT 5 YEARS OF NIVEA BODY WASH AND LOTION!  Yes...5 years.

Our ticket for pick up...

here is what 15 years of stuff looks like...

I am sharing with mom, sis and whoever wants some! LOL....Thanks ELLEN!!!

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