Friday, May 14, 2010

Cafe Spot - Alhambra

One of favorite little cafes in Alhambra. I am surprised I have not shot my fave dishes here before this. Anyways...of all the places to get BO JAI FAHN or "Claypot Rice" in all the SGV, this is my favorite place. I also like their HK Wonton Noodles.

Very simple and deelish.  Not a bunch of crap, simple shrimp wontons and noodles and chinese broccoli and a simple broth.  Totally love it.

Now for the best....mmm mmm mmm. 

Tell me that aint the shizzle...WOW.  I am getting hungry looking at this pic.

now for some dessert...I wish I knew what to call this in English...its like a sponge cake/waffle thing.  Very popular on the streets of HK.  I love it.

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