Sunday, May 30, 2010

Super Cool Cannon Thermos!

First here is the REAL THING...

yeah pretty bad ass...a $1300 LENS...but what is better than having one? A cool THERMOS THAT LOOKS LIKE IT!

This special edition thermos was given away to photographers at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  It made its way on the internet and became a MUST HAVE for all Canon lovers and photographers.  I was lucky to have gotten one.  My friend got the hook up! YES!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NikeID "Chlorophyl Tribute" trainers

I got my NIKEID trainers this afternoon.  I custom made these as a "chlorophyl tribute" shoe.  I love the OG air trainers and wanted to make an updated version etc.

Here you go...

Here are some comparo shots with the Air Maxim+1 trainer and the OG Retro from a couple years back.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ellen Show part 2

Second time is least for the ELLEN SHOW.  Some of my loyal readers may remember a month ago a friend and I tried to go to a taping, we did not make it in.  We were on standby and never got in.  So because we did not get in, we were guaranteed a spot for another taping.  Today was it!

Here I am...rocking the Foamposite Ones aka Coppers aka Dirty Pennies aka Duracells.

We were hoping we would win something awesome...close enough we GOT 5 YEARS OF NIVEA BODY WASH AND LOTION!  Yes...5 years.

Our ticket for pick up...

here is what 15 years of stuff looks like...

I am sharing with mom, sis and whoever wants some! LOL....Thanks ELLEN!!!

Endorush thoughts

Last evening for class I had a dose of METARUSH energy drink.  Sad to say but pretty much the same as Redline Xtreme.  Again, I did not feel a RUSH of any sort.  I did feel the same effect of "sustained energy" and I did feel the thermogenics effects and NO effects.  So those 3 things are good.  I have a few doses left of both so I will finish them off and see what happens.

I really believe my metabolism is so slow this stuff just takes forever to get into my system.  But the good stuff with the better sweat and blood pumping are def good things.

As for taste...its is not horrible but again, not something you would drink on a regular basis.  Next week I will finish off the rest of the drinks. I have 1 left of redline and about 2 more for Endorush. 

overall..not a bad experience, I did not feel the usual complaints of the shakes or nervousness others experience.  I am not 100% sold or off this stuff, I think it needs more "evaluation."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I tried Redline Xtreme today at the gym.  I followed the directions and only had half the bottle, ice cold and I took it about 20 mins before exercise.  Here are my thoughts:

5:15PM - swigged the drink. I had the watermelon flavor and I would be lying if I said it tasted "good." It does not taste horrible, but its not something you want to drink on a regular basis.  Overall, I was not bothered by it and can easily drink it if I needed/wanted to.

5:30PM - KB class begins.

5:45PM - 6:15PM - I begin to feel the thermogenic effects of the drink.  I am NOT buzzing at all.  All I do feel is the "heat" and I am definitely sweating more.  I can kinda feel the blood pumping and and I feel more "sustained energy."  There was no RUSH, but was able to just keep it moving throughout class, I do not know if it was because of the drink or not. 

6:15PM - take a break from KB and prep for core/abs class which begins at 6:30PM.

6:30 - 7:15PM - Core/abs class.  Again, I do not feel any sort of high or rush, but I guess maybe my fatigue level was lower. I have always been able to finish class maybe it was easier today? I dont know.  I dont really feel much difference other than the heat and sweating from the earlier class.

one thing...we did 3 min planks again....who is awesome? I am.

Tomorrow I will take Endorush for my second day of classes at the gym.  Same thing I usually double up for a total of about 2 hours of exercise.  Hope I can "feel" something more with Endorush.

Black & White

Monday, May 17, 2010

Liquid Crack Experiment

As some of you that know me or read my little updates on facebook and stuff, I have been trying to kick up my fitness game.  I am getting into my classes every week and the double up classes are getting more routine and getting easier. I love it.  Recently, at my gym they were selling this drink REDLINE XTREME which my friends there were saying HOW CRAZY it is.  They called it liquid crack...and that it would really make you work out more intensely and not get tired and keep it moving.  I figured I need to try it.  Fast forward to this weekend and a some other friends mentioned the new Gatorade drink that are more formulated for specific times of your workout etc.  There RECOVERY was told to be the one that contains 16g of protein in each bottle.  I went to the store and they were on sale for 2 for $3 which gave me enough reason to buy it...which then get me thinking I need the REDLINE...then I decided to try ENDORUSH.  I will explain below:

First one...the Gatorade.

This is the RECOVERY or step 3 in the G series.  They have a PRIME, PERFORM and the RECOVERY.

here is the nutrition info....

So the good.  Yay it has 16g of protein...but at what cost?

Tons of sodium...and tons of sugar.  NO BUENO.

This is the REDLINE XTREME.....

A few people at the gym and my friends have said this stuff is the real deal.  It gets you going like no redbull or even a Lee's iced coffee!  So I really wanted to try it.  this is an 8oz bottle and that is 2 servings.  You are only supposed to drink half of it.  CRAZY!  The is very potent stuff...the labels warn to READ READ READ before drinking.  Here is the good stuff...

the good, no sugar!  So that is a good thing.  I dont have a bad yet as I have not tried it.  I will know more tomorrow.  It has lot of caffeine which is good and bad I guess.

When I went to the store to pick this up the clerk told me about this...ENDORUSH.

So this is 16oz and it is 4 servings in this bottle.  He said this is CRAZY JUICE. Supposed to really bang out the workouts.

Again, this has NO SUGAR so that is good.  This one does have some sodium in it. 

Who knows what will work or not...I guess there is some placebo effect to all of this as well.  I dont care...if it will help than I am cool with that.  I will add a post tomorrow night when I get back from the gym and do a follow up.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pasadena Ferrari Concorso in Old Town

Walked the FERRARI CONCORSO in Old Town Pasadena this morning with the AT crew.  Good times!  Here are some snaps....

The biggies of the show....


and I had to learn about this car from my friend Al....this is probably the rarest and most significant F car there....Thanks for the info Al!

google this...if you dont know..


Friday, May 14, 2010

PappaRich - King of Buns PASADENA

The King of Buns in Pasadena....pretty much bomb!

I have heard about this place and finally got to try it. 

man...the butter inside is crazy crazy RICH....

The bun is a nice combo of flavors. A crunchy sweet mocha topping soft bread and the inside is a salty buttery creamy filling.  Pretty damn good.  But yeah you cannot eat like more then 2 of these.  Way too much.  But man these with coffee are KILLER.  Def a must try.

Cafe Spot - Alhambra

One of favorite little cafes in Alhambra. I am surprised I have not shot my fave dishes here before this. Anyways...of all the places to get BO JAI FAHN or "Claypot Rice" in all the SGV, this is my favorite place. I also like their HK Wonton Noodles.

Very simple and deelish.  Not a bunch of crap, simple shrimp wontons and noodles and chinese broccoli and a simple broth.  Totally love it.

Now for the best....mmm mmm mmm. 

Tell me that aint the shizzle...WOW.  I am getting hungry looking at this pic.

now for some dessert...I wish I knew what to call this in English...its like a sponge cake/waffle thing.  Very popular on the streets of HK.  I love it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

more from E. Oriol.....ROSA ACOSTA OMG!!!


Walrus TV Artist Feature: Estevan Oriol from "The Run UP"

Thanks to Al for the heads up on this video. This is so inspiring. Estevan's photos have such a look that is unique to him and Los Angeles. I am a fan of his photos and his hustle. He is totally self taught and shoots film too. Love it.

I also can ID with alot of his subjects as I grew up around the chicano gang scene and all these photos are very familiar to me when I was really young. Very cool. I am super inspired to shoot shoot shoot and develop my "eye" as well. Bravo to Estevan Oriol.

Air Max 97 Retro - Silver/Red

This was a guilty pleasure/purchase.  I have very old and fond memories for these shoes.  I LOVED these when they came out.  I could only afford 1 pair back in the day and I will admit to my readers (all 3 of you) that back in the day, I bought a FAKE pair of these.  Yes...I was on ebay and saw these for like $75. I was thinking what a bargain! So I bought them...never even knowing what FAKES were and wow Ebay is great! lame.  But now I have them....

These are a classic colorway and I love them.  They are super comfy, I mean they are Air Maxes so they are great for my bad feet. The bestest part...I got these on disco....yes.  MSRP is $145 on the box. I got them for $120 shipped.  CHA-CHING!  I am AWESOME!