Friday, April 23, 2010

Air Jordan 1 Alpha - White/Black/Red

Just scooped up a 2nd pair of the Air Jordan 1 Alphas.

I have a pair of the black and reds and now these, the white/black/reds..both of which are OG colors of the original shoe.

I picked these up because as I stated in the entry when I got the first pair is they are actually very comfy and what I and a few others in the community feel how a "tribute" or "hybrid" shoe SHOULD BE.  Not these damn fusions or stupid 6 rings JB is pushing down our throats.  I really applaud this shoe, it pays tribute to the original using current technology.  I will be rocking these all summer for sure.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Banksy and Mozza

This morning me and a couple of friends went over to the Arclight to catch EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP - the limited release film from BANKSY...the infamous street artist.

I really enjoyed the movie but I have to say it is very specific.  You have to appreciate street art, know a little about it to really like the film.  It features a lot of great artists like Buffmonster and Shepherd Fairey and Space Invader as they create art in cities all over the world.  I thought it was very cool.

After the movie we went over here for lunch...

The sad thing was no pictures were allowed of the food and restaurant.  I am noticing more and more restaurants are no longer letting you snap photos inside.  I guess I kinda understand as I want some cool pics for my blog.  Oh well...I was able to snap off a few before the waiter told me no pics..

had a wonderful afternoon.  Thank you to Norvin and Tami for everything!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long Beach Grand Prix - 2010

Great Friday...I was able to attend the Long Beach Grand Prix and have VIP access to the Patron suite trackside!

We got to chill inside the Patron VIP suite...very cool.

Then we got to check out the Patron Ferraris....

We then take a stroll into one of the halls to take a look around...

love when I see a MY CAR inside!

Lexus had the LFA....

and then...we did see some racing...mostly the celebrities...running around.

Excellent time at the races.  Big thank you to Al and his brother Jun for the hook up and hospitality.  THANK YOU.

Jabba at MGM Grand - Who wants to go to Vegas???

May 7 - 26, 2010 : Hollywood Theatre
A dance troupe that won the dance reality series, "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew", the Jabbawockeez' influence has spanned the globe inspiring minds through music and dance. Dressing in expressionless white masks and white gloves, the crew guides the audience's attention away from individual identities and towards a unified and synchronized group. They create a canvas for the audience to visualize the music as they paint beautiful and artistic imagery through precise, intricate movements. The name is derived from the fictional creature in Lewis Carroll’s poem, “Jabberwocky.” Known for creativity, unique choreography, athleticism and intricate synchronization, the Jabbawockeez are poised to change the way we see dance. Showtime: 9:30pm nightly.
$64.90 for rows 1 through 13 & $53.90 for rows 14 through 17 (Plus $5.00 Handling Fee)

KFC DOUBLE DOWN - taste test in C Town

What happens when you are bored, somewhat hungry and not afraid of a heart attack?  YOU GO FOR THE DOUBLE DOWN!!

My buddies and I headed over to the local KFC to try the infamous sandwich.

In line for it...

and here it is....

some detail shots...

They approved...

all done....

after all that...I have no desire to try one....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ellen Show - FAIL

Today my fellow unemployed friend and I went to a taping of the ELLEN SHOW this afternoon.

We were on the standby list and it said to get there by 130PM for the 330 taping. We thought we were early with a 115 were wrong.  As you can see my number. Total was like it did not look good.

A shot from the parking structure with the Ellen billboard behind. 

the line...starts here.

one cool thing was the Ellen water..."It tastes funny!"  Very cool....

We got another date so I can post again once we go again.  Sigh..oh well.  Maybe it is all meant to be.  Maybe our next outing will go better and Ellen gives away some Vizio TVs!  Well, I actually do like the show and watch it pretty much everyday.  So I am a FAN! No shame..I watch Ellen!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bags can hit back.

Latest treat from this evening's KB class....I wonder if I can get some bad ass "Tong Po" shins from all this abuse.  Heavy bag #24 won tonight....but I will get my revenge tomorrow!

Canon 5D changing TV?

Canon 5D bad ass!

Thanks to Al for the info.

Great stuff...Canon doing things with their DSLR camera.  Lines are definitely getting blurred between pro video and pro cameras with this announcement.  I have been noticing alot of video being shot on the Canon but this is the biggest one so far.

Wow, the House (great show, btw) season finale was shot entirely on a Canon 5D Mark II. You think that the HD video quality of dSLRs is challenging pro video and film gear yet? House director Greg Yaitanes announced the news on Twitter, then he preceded to take technical questions from the audience. Apparently the 5D was a perfect fit for the "tight spaces" of the finale. They used Canon prime lenses along with the 24-70 and 70-200 zoom and, believe it or not, they didn't use an image stabilization rig of any sort for the non-tripod shots.
(I attempted that maneuver when filming my mom using the iPad with the 5D for our iPad review. The footage was gorgeous, but much was just too jittery to use, even for jittery footage.)
The House finale airs May 17th if you'd like to tune in. Even if you don't watch the show, it should be a great case study for photography geeks everywhere. Plus, Hugh Laurie's inevitable cracks about the size of Yaitanes' "camera" are probably worth the price of admission alone. [Petapixel via PhilipBloom via Engadget]

Hitclub Entertainment Presents New Smooth R&B Artist - JOONIE


Hitclub Entertainment Presents New Smooth R&B Artist


Debut Album “ACOUSTIC LOVE” on April 27, 2010
Available on iTunes, bandcamp and over
350 Digital Outlets World Wide

LOS ANGELES, CA - (April 13, 2010) – Hitclub Entertainment presents its latest artist, Joonie and his freshman album, “ACOUSTIC LOVE,” available on April 27, 2010 as announced today by Kenny Bereal, founder and CEO. “ACOUSTIC LOVE” features 12 silky smooth tracks that highlight and expresses Joonie’s feelings on love and relationships through true musicianship. Joonie, writes, arranges, produces and performs his own songs, a rarity in today’s music space. “So Fly” is the first single released from the album and can be previewed and purchased at along with additional information, videos and photos.

Calvin “Joonie” Gary, Jr. is a musical talent that can do it all…literally. Joonie sings, writes, arranges, and plays his own instruments. Paying his dues, Joonie has spent time working along side of some of the top names in music including, Warren G., Mos Def, Angie Stone, Nappy Roots and two ‘American Idol’ superstars, Rubben Studdard and most recently with Elliot Yamin. Soul, R&B and Pop are the genres that suit Joonie best, but his love of music came early on from the church through gospel music. Joonie’s vocals are clean, strong and most of all real. There are no production tricks or music gimmicks, in his music just pure heart and soul.

HitClub Entertainment is a music management, marketing, production and consulting company founded by Kenny Bereal, Joonie’s music is simply raw and real,” said Bereal, “His voice is powerful and touches listeners like few others. I am proud to finally bring his music to all of his fans.”

“Acoustic Love” Track Listing:

01. So Fly
02. Fresh
03. Delilah
04. You Got Me
05. Acoustic Love
06. Love You More
07. Always
08. Just the Way You Are
09. Smile
10. Make It Last
11. Lay It Down
12. Stalker

For more information please visit:

Follow Joonie online:

For Appearance/Booking Inquiries Please Contact:

Established in 2001, Hitclub Entertainment is an innovative management, marketing and multi-media organization, providing quality high-level entertainment in the music, film, and television industries. Hitclub distinguishes itself through the commitment it undertakes with each of its clients. The strength of Hitclub's exceptional management team is derived from their blend of experience, creativity, practical understanding and business savvy. Hitclub's management team has produced, marketed and promoted highly successful projects throughout their careers. These projects have been used by major record, film and televisions companies such as Universal, Capitol, Warner Bro's, Sony BMG, BET, MTV, NBC, VH1 and other well know entertainment companies. A variety of projects involving Hitclub's management team have earned industry recognition through Grammy, Billboard, Stellar Awards and Emmy Awards. The Hitclub team is dedicated and prepared to continue Hitclub's success through their commitment to excellence and integrity in business. Visit us at

Monday, April 12, 2010


Busto to Robusto

My buddy Jay has just released his documentary project FROM BUSTO TO ROBUSTO on DVD.  Definitely grab is if you love poker and/or just great indie film making.  Very interesting and compelling stories of the highs and lows of being a professional online poker players.  What happens to your life when you are suddenly playing with dollar amounts that would make the average person faint?  How about family? Friends? Is the poker life the right choice for everyone?  This film takes an honest and no holds barred look into 2 players and what poker, money, wins and losses can change your life.  Very good stuff.  Here is some info from the website...

Own a piece of online poker history with the first FROM BUSTO TO ROBUSTO DVD.
In 2003, an unknown poker amateur named Chris Moneymaker won $2.5 in the World Series of Poker Main Event, setting off the modern poker boom. Many young would-be poker heroes found themselves in the middle of tremendous opportunity, connecting across the world to master the game and collectively win hundreds of millions of dollars.
FROM BUSTO TO ROBUSTO is a grassroots poker documentary project created by poker players, for the poker community. Our goal is to peel back the veil on the online poker world, exploring the little known rags-to-riches stories of modern poker celebrities from all walks of life. Support the project - your DVD purchases will help us fund new and different episodes!