Thursday, March 11, 2010

Me....Hike? Waterfalls in Los Angeles? YAY!

What a gorgeous day!

Perfect to try and do a HIKE! Yay fat Asian dudes are not great hikers...

This is Sturtevant LOS ANGELES! Can you believe this? SO GORGEOUS!

This is a relatively EASY hike...hard for me but easy for most other people. It is about 2 miles in so 4 miles total. Very very cool and beautiful.

This is where we the Big Santa Anita Canyon. Super close to LA...and the SGV. I am going to try and take some ladies to this place. Perfect for a date. Except for the walk back where you go up this steep incline and I was huffing and puffing. Again, hard for fatties. Hopefully any girls I bring here wont mind the heavy breathing on the way back.
Super special thanks to "Ranger Dave" pictured here. I am friends with his wife Susanne from back in the days when I was working in the DVD field. So Susanne and I met up, drove up and met up with him and he took us on this awesome hike. THANK YOU SUSANNE and DAVE!

I had a great time...and Susanne and I had lunch at BJs afterwards...perfect end to a great morning/afternoon.

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