Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Duck House - Monterey Park

So as we continue to celebrate the MARCH MONTH OF ME....I submit this evening's dinner at DUCK HOUSE in Monterey Park.

Duck House

Barry and I hit this place up after our work out for my bday dinner.  I definitely wanted to try this place as I have heard about it and Barry has been here one other time and raved about it.  Obviously, the specialty is PEKING DUCK.  This place makes it the old style, real way like in Hong Kong.  You have to order it at least an hour in advance.  You cannot just walk in have the Peking Duck.

Here it is...in all its glory...

Man...so crazy...good. What you know about this?

Skin is goood...

This is the Pineapple Shrimp with Mayo...damn yummy. They use real pineapple...not the canned stuff.

This is the Ground Pork with Bean paste aka Jia Jiang Mein...very very good and like everything else super fresh. The noodles are hand made here as well.

here is the steak filet french style....

Again, very fresh, tender and flavorful.  Excellent dish...here is another shot.

Definitely a good place, higher end as the items are a bit pricey.  You would never eat here on a regular basis, but for a special occasion, birthday or anniversary or want to impress a date, then by all means this place delivers.

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