Monday, March 15, 2010


I am old.  Oh well...I guess there are others older than me right?  I am celebrating this whole shit I am HAPPY and very LUCKY to have such good friends.  Let's yesterday, March 14th was the actual day.  What a week so far....

Last Sunday - AYCE KBBQ with the homies in C Town.  Cannot beat $10.

Last Tuesday - Mini trip to San Manual to play some cards with one of my oldest and best friends, Alex. Then we had dinner at LUCILLE'S BBQ afterwards.

Last Wednesday - AYCE KBBQ AGAIN! With my boy Steve and his girl.

Last Thursday - Shakas's LOCO MOCO with the homies from the gym.

Saturday - celebrated Adenna's bday part 1 at Gold Class Cinemas.

Sunday - actual bday...wanted to chill at home with the fam and had my favorite food from Mandarin Deli.  Pan Fried dumplings, onion pancakes, beef stew noodles...yah man and some good luck soy sauce chicken from Sam Woo.  All in the comfort of home.

As I said, this month is going to be good month.  Month of ME!  I am planning on going to try some authentic PEKING DUCK in MPK this week...def pricey but I hear it is worth it.  May catch a matinee with my girl Julie.  Then dinner at Maggiano's on Sat for part 2 of Adenna/Irving bday celeb, Sunday meeting up with my homechick Dior for some Alice in Wonderland in 3D, then the week after hanging with PIGJAM for my bday celeb at Americana....and my little bro is in town all next week from Cal.  So lots of eating and celebrating to do.  This is indeed a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

These are the plans so far..and are definitely subject to change.....

Month of MARCH...MONTH OF ME!!!!

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