Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Food Truck Fest at Americana - UTTER FAIL!!!!

So after the gym this evening a few friends and I decided to try out this event in Glendale. FOOD TRUCK FEST was a great idea. Get a bunch of LA's hottest and most popular food trucks together in one place and have at it. The event was to be held from 6-9PM inside the Americana shopping areas on the streets. We got there at 8PM and it was HORRIBLE. Talk about MASSIVE FAIL...


I am NOT going to wait 1.5 hours for a $6 grilled cheese or $10 french fries.  DUDE!

Line at BUTTERMILK....


So instead...we walked around and decided to eat elsewhere...but before we left we made a stop at CRUMBS.

I got a Caramel Apple cupcake and a Coffee Toffee one.  I am not a huge cupcake fan but yeah these are pretty good.  Less hyped then the damn "other' cupcake in town.

After we all met up...we decided to head up the street to a tried and true LA classic. A place that would never let us down...ever.

while waiting for my burger I saw this....UGH...


can some girls PLEASE answer this and tell me if dudes in micro skinny jeans is sexy?  Really?  PLEASE...the HUMANITY!  I mean let the ankles BREATH!  LET THE ANKLES BREATH!!!!

Look at this idiot...he had a GF too.  I mean he bough normal jeans and had them TAKEN IN....LIKE REALLY IN.  I mean he had these jeans MODIFIED TO LOOK LIKE THIS.  WE PURPOSELY WANTS THIS LOOK!!!  ugh.  OK rant off.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Canto Rap - "7-11" by Jin

Canto rap at its Jin Da MC!

Who needs a date?

I will never be alone again....FTW!

from G4TV's THE FEED...

Have you heard of this website Gamecrush? Here's how it works: You pay money, and then you can play video games with a real, live girl while watching her on a webcam. There are some dudes among Gamecrush's hundreds of pay-to-play users, but let's not kid ourselves, the point is you get to play video games with girls.
The games run the gamut from hardcore console titles like MW 2 and Halo 3 to totally casual games like Tic Tac Toe.The girls run the gamut from "flirty" to "dirty," so I think a lot more than  friendly checkers games will go on with this service.
The site was apparently supposed to launch last week, but right now, it isn't up. Instead of the girl of my dreams, I get a message reading: "The GameCrush Public Beta is temporarily unavailable due to the incredible user response (more than 10,000 inquiries in five minutes). We are adding new servers to provide players with the best PlayDate experience possible. Games with GameCrush PlayDates start at $6.60 for ten minutes."  To get your ready for Gamecrush's return, check out the trailer:

Read more:

Busto to Robusto 2


Definitely need to support and give huge congrats to my buddy Jay Rosenkrantz on his second episode of his short film series BUSTO TO ROBUSTO that chronicles the lives of professional poker players.  Jay was executive producer on the project and I am super proud to say I know this dude.  The short film is VERY WELL if you are into poker or good indie film making you need to peep it.  Nuff Said.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

When one BIGMOUTH meets "THE MOUTH!"

I had the pleasure to meet one of the bigger personalities in professional poker, MIKE "THE MOUTH" MATUSOW!

Mike even signed a copy of his book...CHECK RACING THE DEVIL for me!

Very cool!

Maybe this will scare some peeps away from me next time I set down at a table! HA!  Maybe not....

MONTH OF ME - ends at Granville Cafe with P.I.G.J.A.M!!!!

Celebrated with my P.I.G.J.A.M. crew of peeps for the end of the MONTH OF ME!

We met at Americana @ Brand in Glendale and had dinner at Granville Cafe and then drinks at Katsuya.

Granville Cafe is pretty good.  On par with say a Cheesecake Factory or even slightly above.

This is the housemade hummus which I enjoyed alot.  It was very good.

I had this...the rib eye stroganoff which was very good.  Rich and creamy but for a kind of spendy dish there was not too much meat in the dish.  I would of expected maybe some more of that rib eye.  But yeah still a good dish, tasty for sure.

Dessert!  This was my bday treat!

Rest of the tables' dessert!  YUMMERS!!!

Thanks to my great friends for an awesome birthday.  I am ready for 2010 to be a great year.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting my READ ON!

My sister won this Kindle at a work promo.  She did not want it, so I gladly took it!  Nothing wrong with a FREE KINDLE right?  Now the fun part...I get to shop for some cool stuff.  First thing I need is a case!

I have to register it and start buying some books...maybe find some cool hacks for it.  Guys and gadgets...I hope I get to sleep tonight with this new toy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Duck House - Monterey Park

So as we continue to celebrate the MARCH MONTH OF ME....I submit this evening's dinner at DUCK HOUSE in Monterey Park.

Duck House

Barry and I hit this place up after our work out for my bday dinner.  I definitely wanted to try this place as I have heard about it and Barry has been here one other time and raved about it.  Obviously, the specialty is PEKING DUCK.  This place makes it the old style, real way like in Hong Kong.  You have to order it at least an hour in advance.  You cannot just walk in have the Peking Duck.

Here it all its glory... crazy...good. What you know about this?

Skin is goood...

This is the Pineapple Shrimp with Mayo...damn yummy. They use real pineapple...not the canned stuff.

This is the Ground Pork with Bean paste aka Jia Jiang Mein...very very good and like everything else super fresh. The noodles are hand made here as well.

here is the steak filet french style....

Again, very fresh, tender and flavorful.  Excellent is another shot.

Definitely a good place, higher end as the items are a bit pricey.  You would never eat here on a regular basis, but for a special occasion, birthday or anniversary or want to impress a date, then by all means this place delivers.



This has been posted in other places, but I had to post too, since I am a fan of nice and unique watches. Crazy...pricing for a phone but it is a work of art.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Comedy - Spacejams Song ELLL OOOH ELLL


I am old.  Oh well...I guess there are others older than me right?  I am celebrating this whole shit I am HAPPY and very LUCKY to have such good friends.  Let's yesterday, March 14th was the actual day.  What a week so far....

Last Sunday - AYCE KBBQ with the homies in C Town.  Cannot beat $10.

Last Tuesday - Mini trip to San Manual to play some cards with one of my oldest and best friends, Alex. Then we had dinner at LUCILLE'S BBQ afterwards.

Last Wednesday - AYCE KBBQ AGAIN! With my boy Steve and his girl.

Last Thursday - Shakas's LOCO MOCO with the homies from the gym.

Saturday - celebrated Adenna's bday part 1 at Gold Class Cinemas.

Sunday - actual bday...wanted to chill at home with the fam and had my favorite food from Mandarin Deli.  Pan Fried dumplings, onion pancakes, beef stew noodles...yah man and some good luck soy sauce chicken from Sam Woo.  All in the comfort of home.

As I said, this month is going to be good month.  Month of ME!  I am planning on going to try some authentic PEKING DUCK in MPK this week...def pricey but I hear it is worth it.  May catch a matinee with my girl Julie.  Then dinner at Maggiano's on Sat for part 2 of Adenna/Irving bday celeb, Sunday meeting up with my homechick Dior for some Alice in Wonderland in 3D, then the week after hanging with PIGJAM for my bday celeb at Americana....and my little bro is in town all next week from Cal.  So lots of eating and celebrating to do.  This is indeed a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

These are the plans so far..and are definitely subject to change.....

Month of MARCH...MONTH OF ME!!!!


Went to see GREEN ZONE this weekend for Adenna's Birthday. We went to GOLD CLASS CINEMAS in Pasadena. Talk about LUX. Oh man...I am no spoiled rotten. You think Arclight is nice? about THE BRIDGE? need to check out GCC.

Power reclining can also receive complimentary blankets and pillows, take off your shoes and yes, a full bar and high end food. I had the house made donuts with Rasberry and Chocolate dipping sauce and a coke. Cost was $12. Pretty much the same for a coke and a hotdog at a crappy theater.

Chilling....before the movie starts.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

REPU/RX Meet in Cypress CA

Met up with some old school homies this afternoon for some good ol fashioned ROTARY LOVE. Check the pics:

Here is a pic something very cool. Talk about sleeper. OK..we have all seen the "poser drift" cars out there. Half crazy bosozoku style, half beater and part "rat rod." Guys who buy old Japanese classics and purposely leave them dented and rusted. Some even purposely rust their cars for that look. Seee below...this is a mid 80s Celica coupe. When I first saw this roll up, I was like..big whup...another poser drift car...super slammed, on blacked out wheels, stickers...the whole thing.

Then he popped the hood and people's jaws dropped. This car definitely could back the looks up....I dont know much about Toyotas...but DAAYAAM...I know this is a BEAST!

Another old school Corolla. The owner told me he bought it of an old dude...all original from the original owner. He just needs to SLAM the crap out of it. The car looks bad ass.

This is my homie HENRY's ride....sick....

Mel's clean ass 3....

some of the nice REPUs at the meet...

Victor's sweet rotary powered 510. This is a popular car and can be seen at all the major old school shows in So Cal.

R POWER always reppin...

Super cool meet with super cool people! Had a great time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Me....Hike? Waterfalls in Los Angeles? YAY!

What a gorgeous day!

Perfect to try and do a HIKE! Yay fat Asian dudes are not great hikers...

This is Sturtevant LOS ANGELES! Can you believe this? SO GORGEOUS!

This is a relatively EASY hike...hard for me but easy for most other people. It is about 2 miles in so 4 miles total. Very very cool and beautiful.

This is where we the Big Santa Anita Canyon. Super close to LA...and the SGV. I am going to try and take some ladies to this place. Perfect for a date. Except for the walk back where you go up this steep incline and I was huffing and puffing. Again, hard for fatties. Hopefully any girls I bring here wont mind the heavy breathing on the way back.
Super special thanks to "Ranger Dave" pictured here. I am friends with his wife Susanne from back in the days when I was working in the DVD field. So Susanne and I met up, drove up and met up with him and he took us on this awesome hike. THANK YOU SUSANNE and DAVE!

I had a great time...and Susanne and I had lunch at BJs afterwards...perfect end to a great morning/afternoon.