Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lip Balm Snobbery....

I have a pet peeve for girls. CHAPPED LIPS ARE GROSS! Do you hear my ladies? I mean seriously...if your lips are all nasty and cracked with your lipstick all pasted over the cracks..that is nasty. Now, I only ask for what I can return....and I always have my lips moisturized! HA!

I just picked up a new is what is in the arsenal for soft lips.

now I know...I use CARMEX...which is my BUDGET go to. I mean cheap, very reliable, can pick up anywhere it's like a reliable friend that will help you move or take you to the airport. I will always use CARMEX.

Then I move onto the 'nice nice' one...KIEHL'S. Has SPF 15, super soft and yeah it has a sort of cache to it. You whip this out of your pocket and ladies will guys knows his ish! (or he is gay...) And then I picked up some LIPJAO. I had to have it....LOL...for one reason. See below.

Come have to love it. It says it right on the box!

I have not used it yet...but yeah I cant be rocking no chapstick or blistek nonsense...LOL!

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