Monday, February 8, 2010

Continuing Education - Always Be Learning!

Figured...always need to be learning and expanding one's knowledge right? Especially since I do have time nowadays...

Doyle Brunson here I come....

Some of the books I have read and the newest one I just picked up. The Cash Games by Harrington. I am definitely not a pro or even a wannabe grinder. I am realistic....just want to learn some more and get a little harm in getting more tips and strategies.

Here are some of my "business" books...stuff I think or hope will make me a better worker out in the crazy world.

The new book in this pile is The New Rules of Marketing and PR. I just want to brush up on my knowledge, this is definitely directly related to what I do and again same as above...never hurts to read up on whats going on.

I also have a couple books on Asian business and China. Interesting stuff...and of course the oldie but goodies...Millionaire books. Great reads for sure.

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David Meerman Scott said...

I hope you like my book The New Rules of Marketing & PR.