Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cologne Snobbery

OK I admit it...I have been accused of being a "snob" when it comes to certain things. I guess I am. I just feel some things are better than others, I like the feeling of "exclusivity" so if I can have something first or something limited or something no one else has heard of I try to go for it. If it is music, or denim or sneakers...I like it more if not many others have it. So what.

I have recently begun a search for a new cologne. For years I wore Issey Miyake for men and had good success. The few women in my life had liked it on me. Before that I used Bvlgari green tea, had Gucci Envy which I gave away the 3rd day because it smelled nasty on me, and my first "signature scent" TOMMY by Tommy Hilfiger. Back in the days I would get complimented DAILY on that scent and it totally worked with my body chemistry.

I was looking into some "citrusy" smells as I like it and again I felt it worked well for me. I was looking into Acqua Di Parma, Banana Republic's new one "Republic of Man" as well as Clinique's "Happy" for Men. All pretty light, citrusy scents. Then I heard about this site. Lucky Scent.

Lucky Scent is a site that specialized in unique high end scents that not many people have heard of. Definitely not the mass marketing stuff you get sprayed with at the mall. Best of all, they sell samples of a lot of scents for like $3, so you can try before you buy. Plus it is good to test as so far none of these scents sells for LESS than $100. Again better than the TOM FORD stuff which I LOVE but man...$200 for cologne is way too much even for a snob like me. I chose 2 "Vanilla" themed notes and 2 "Citrus" themed notes. I will update in a few months after I see which one smells best.

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