Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good food and Great Watches

My sister and I up with the homie Davie for some grub and some watch talk and basic catch up on life and all things. Davie is my watch godfather...the one that got me into fine watches and continues to school me on the hot ish out there....this dude is just bananas when it comes to fine watches...I am very lucky to have guys like this on my side.

So we met up at the usual spot in Hacienda Heights which is pretty much the middle for both of us. We had dinner at SUPREME DRAGON in the mall on Colima off of Fullerton Road.

Had the standard...onion pancakes.

These are the Siu Long Bao...

We all had the beef stew noodles......I have to admit. They were very good. Not the best and def not the worst. A pretty good noodle. Good flavor on the beef, noodles done right and the broth was great in the cold night. I enjoyed my meal.

After eating we all hopped over next door to Garden Cafe for some Red Bean Ice and continue chatting. Service pretty awful...and needed more condensed milk for the Red bean....anyways...moving on to the goodies in Davie's box.

He busted these little gems....

Panerai Power Reserve.....

Panerai Slytech Daylight

AP ROO in Rose Gold...

JLC Polaris 1965 Tribute - limited to 768 pieces world wide
Rolex Seadweller DEEP

Vintage Panerai Marina Militare
yeah it was a good night...cold but....very cool. (lol...get it? very cold..but cool?)

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