Friday, December 4, 2009

Final Touches on HAYASHI WHEELS Project

My wheels were all perfect but one thing was missing. CENTER CAPS. 99% of these old school wheels you find NEVER have the original Center Caps. Having them on your wheels is a big deal. My Hayashis did have center I did the next best thing. I bought and MADE my own!

Some generic plastic center caps... they came silver so I spray painted them a semi gloss black.

I found the ORIGINAL HAYASHI RACING LOGO on the net and had my friend make them into a decal. I placed them on...and here it is....

not bad....not totally original...since the old school caps actually stick out and are not flush like these. But I am happy on how they came out!


1 comment:

joe said...

95% real man! so when u round that off its pure og!