Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Better shoes for my bad feet.

As some of few readers of this blog may know I have BAD FEET. I used have major pains in my foot and I was originally diagnosed with GOUT. But after seeing a foot specialist and having an MRI done, I thankfully do not have gout but my feet are thrashed. I have flat feet that are also "hypermobile." I also have some arthritis in my feet too. you can imagine, finding good shoes to work out in is very important. I use to spend tons of money on AIR MAX and other pricey shoes. I am very brand loyal to Nike so I was determined to find the right shoes for me.

I did some research and found out about 2 specific categories in running shoes. STABILITY and MOTION CONTROL shoes are made for people like me. Over pronators and "heavier" peeps. LOL. Yeah that is after doing some more research...I picked this up.


This is a running trainer that Nike has in its STABILITY and MOTION CONTROL segment. I bought these new shoes for the new year....I try to change out my work out shoes every 6 months. They don't look as sexy as those AIR MAX 2009s but....these do not cost $160 either.

The shoe's price is $135 but I found it on ZAPPOS for $100. Not bad...I will try these out for 6 months and see what's what. I will post back up in 6 months and give a review.

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