Sunday, November 29, 2009

The York on York

Met up this evening for an early dinner at THE YORK. This is a place I have known all my life. It used to be the Dragon Chinese restaurant. My family and I used to order their egg foo young. So was deep fried and had this thick brown gravy. I have yet to find another place that had it. Anyways...this is the new gastro pub/ bar cool hipster scene in Highland Park. Part of the whole gentrification of my hood. My first job was across the street at the old York Liquor store and used to play pool at Highland Billiards etc. I grew up on this block so I have lots of memories.

Couple of interior shots:

Special Crab Cakes

Truffle Mac and Cheese with tomato and basil

Bar burger...the cheddar burger...

Beer battered fish and chips

Special corn chowder

Truffle Grilled Cheese

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Seth P said...

I would HOUSE both the burger and fish+chips.